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WomenNow is an upcoming, effervescent, and trend setting Talk Show that showcases the most thought provoking concepts and happenings of the South Asian Diaspora in the United States.​ While it brings out the best qualities of the indomitable Woman and her many talents and achievements, it also looks into burning social issues and the needs of the day.

The focus is on the South Asian community that is gradually gaining prominence in the United States and is instrumental in shaping the landscape of modern American culture.​ The purpose of the Show is to delve deep into the heart of those people and events that are creating history in this ever-changing scenario and bring before you the essence of the hour. The issues covered include – Health, Careers, Politics, Fashion, Entertainment, Cuisine, Parenting, Finance and many others.

The show also builds Awareness, understanding, social consciousness and educates in areas that need Learning and Growth. It is aspiring as well as inspiring. ​The show also builds Awareness, understanding, social consciousness and educates in areas that need Learning and growth. It is aspiring as well as inspiring.​ Women now seeks to incorporate your ideas and concepts that go into the making of the show and welcomes  suggestions.​



President, CEO, Founder, Executive Producer and Host

Ena Sarkar is the founder and CEO of WomenNow TV a company that focuses on inspiring the South Asian community to express themselves, have a voice and connect with audiences in USA.  Under her leadership WomenNow has expanded to hosting shows on National Television & organizing two of the most successful annual events in the bay area – Spring India Day and Dilli Haat --  that are milestones for the community. In addition WomenNow also organizes events that bridge India with USA.

Her degree from Times School of Marketing in advertising and marketing and 5 years with Times of India, where she headed the marketing of Emami group, helped build the foundational skills of collaboration and bridging communities.  After her move to USA her commitment to inspire and serve the community led her to join Silicon India. After her short tenure at there she joined TechBiz TV where she was able to highlight the success stories of the South Asian diaspora using a TV show format.


With her unique ability to connect with people & an engaging interviewing style she successfully bridges India and USA by helping audiences see the human side of Indian luminaries like Amjad Ali Khan, Begum Parveen Sultana,  Pandit Swapan Chadhury and others using a live on stage interview format before their performances .


Using her significant social media presence & reach she helps organizations reach new audiences and inspire men & women in the South Asian community.

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